Integrated DTR and Payroll System
2017 Jun 21 By abriesof 0 comment

Integrated DTR and Payroll System



The Integrated DTR and Payroll System that Abrié developed monitors the biometric machines and the attendance logs of the employees of DTI in each of their offices all over Region 6, Philippines. With its database centralized in Iloilo City, the central office can monitor the activities of the other office in real-time through the internet.

The other component of the project is its Payroll System. With the recorded attendance of DTI’s employees and their other information such as salary rates and leave credits, the system calculates and generates the monthly payroll report of all offices of the region.

Abrié also provided DTI with an online portal where their employees can privately view their attendance and payroll status in the comfort of their own home through the internet.