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An easy to use, advanced point of sale solution that reduces training time and increases restaurant efficiency while helping you maximize the life and value of your investment.

Simple and easy method of doing transactions.

Why Krypton POS?

Krypton takes you to a higher level of experience. Satisfy your customers with great and delightful moments through excellent and quality service to keep them coming back for more.

We will help your business grow faster!

Want to expand your business? Accelerate your programs into full speed with Krypton’s powerful and inventive features! Experience the difference with the most advanced point of sale solution in the market. Maximize your store’s capacity in chasing excellence through high quality service. Your customer would love to come back and crave for more. Try it now and taste the sweet and delicious result like no other!

Inventory Management

Step up your use of cash register. Our POS system keeps track on your inventory flow and will provide information at a glance.

✔ Lessen risk of theft, and pricing inconsistencies between locations

✔ Calculate the markdowns automatically

✔ Tracking the effect of product promotion


Online Reporting

Keep all vital information in one screen rather than having to switch through multiple interface. Detect patterns of sales report through our dashboard’s simple graphs and charts.


✔ Changes can be easily identified and addressed

✔ Conveniently assess or evaluate every department’s performance gains and gaps

✔ Measurable target goals

Various Type of Payment Support

Boost your customers’ experience using our POS solution. It can accommodate different payment options at the customer’s convenience that are likely to leave them with a good experience.

✔ Can accept multiple payments in one bill

✔ Cost effective credit card processing option

✔ Easy to use system


Additional Features

We provide dynamic and inclusive POS system based on our client’s needs. Here are more features that sets this product from everything else.

 Fully Integrated Online Ordering
 Senior Citizen Discount
 Employee Scheduling
 Advanced Orders
 Expandable Capability
 Always Up To Date
 Order At The Table
Server can take an order from the table and the
order transfer automatically


Services (Support Three Types)

Table Service

Food service served to the customer’s table by waiters and waitresses, also known as “servers”.

Fast Service

Customers place order and pays it right away.

Tab Service

Customer may place order and can add more items anytime until decide to pay.


Do no waste money for a software solution that provides 80% of the features you will ever hardly use. Our services will enable you to match features that you truly need.


Standard Price

₱ 42,000.00

* VAT Inclusive
* Software Only


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